Tim CrewsMy name is Tim Crews, and  I was born to write software.  I’ve been writing software professionally since 1987, but that was just when people started paying me to do what I was doing all the time anyway.

In 2012, I branched out in a new direction:  independent software consulting.  My company is named Code Affinity LLC.  The name reflects the idea that, wherever the code is, that’s where I’ll be, too.  Somehow we always find a way to be together.

Speaking of the code: I have 26 years of combined experience writing C, C++, and C# code, with occasional forays into Python and Ruby.  I am especially enthusiastic about the expressive capabilities of C#.  I enjoy creating programming frameworks, class libraries, and domain-specific languages that facilitate the development of high-level applications.

When I’m not learning new ways to express my intentions to a computer, I’m studying the history and philosophy of science and mathematics.  I have a voracious appetite for knowledge and understanding.

I am always open to new software development opportunities in the southeast Phoenix metropolitan area, or for any opportunity that would allow me to telecommute.  I can also provide references for the clients who have used my services.

Use the Contact page to reach me.  You can also find me on: